Upgrading and acquisition of research equipment

Work Package 4 - Upgrading and acquisition of research
Work package leader: Prof Biljana Vucelic-Radović (bvucelic@agrif.bg.ac.rs)

To improve research capacity of AREA groups through purchasing and
commissioning new equipment, upgrading and renewal existing research
equipment as well as training research staff at FA in using the new facilities.
Description of work
Purchase, installation, commissioning and familiarisation with three types of
equipment is planned:
1. Raman microscopy/spectroscope and accessories and FTIR equipment
2. Equipment for laboratories starting up DNA technologies
3. Other equipment and upgrades essential to complete project objectives
In addition to purchasing and commissioning the equipment, each team will be
provided with consumables to cover the costs of familiarisation with the new
Task 4.1. Selecting the most appropriate quotation
Task 4.2. Equipment purchase, installation and commissioning
Task 4.3. Preparation of equipment manuals, DNA protocols, health and safety
Task 4.4. Familiarisation of AREA staff with new equipment and facilities
D. 4.1. Report on documentation for purchasing new equipment and selection of
the best offers
D. 4.2. Report on equipment purchasing, installation and training in its use
D. 4.3. Bilingual manuals prepared