Recruitment of experienced researchers

Work Package 3 - Recruitment of experienced researchers
Work package leader: Prof Vera Raičević (

To improve human research capacity and introduce new skills in research
techniques and project management by recruiting two incoming international
experienced researchers for molecular technologies and one researcher, expert
in Raman spectroscopy.
Description of work
Two experienced researchers with skills in molecular biology will be recruited as
well as 1 experts in Raman spectroscopy.
The following researchers agreed to accept recruitments for AREA project:
Dr Vesna Rapić Otrin, expert for molecular technologies,
Dr Smilja Teodorović, expert for molecular technologies and
Dejan Lazić, expert for Raman
All three researchers have had several years’ research experience in laboratories
D. 3.1. Recruitment of new molecular biology researchers
D. 3.2. Recruitment of new Raman expert
D. 3.3. Report on recruitments activities
D. 3.4. Report on recruitments activities