Participation of AREA scientists at research seminars

Dr. Andja Vučetić, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Institute of Phytomedicine, Department of Agricultural Entomology and Zoology, gave a seminar entitled: “Volatile interaction between plant genotypes: a basic for sustainable control of aphids and fungal pathogens in barley”. The seminar was held on June 18th, 2015 in the classroom 11/III at the Faculty of Agriculture with the beginning at 13h. Seminar gave insight to the listeners in research on volatile interaction between plants, aphids as plant pests, Coccinellidae as aphid predators, and powdery mildew as a plant pathogens and perspective of implementation in plant protection in order to reduce quantities of pesticides in plant production. Also, the seminar provided an opportunity to hear information from Dr. Andja Vučetić about her postdoctoral research in Sweden in the field of ecological and behavioral characteristics of aphids and possibilities of implementation of those findings in aphid control toward sustainable agriculture.

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