Visit of AREA senior researchers to EU training institution-Report of visit of senior AREA researchers to University of Jena, Germany

Sunday, 1. December 2013 to Saturday, 7. December 2013

Visit to University of Jena (Germany) was realized in term of 1st - 7th December 2013, according to proposed activities within the AREA project of University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture (WP 1 Visits of senior researchers to the partner institutions).

This visit has anticipated to discuss some important points and the schedule of forthcoming trainings of young members of the AREA project in Raman spectroscopy and Raman micro-spectroscopy, as well as setting up of necessary details in mutual contract between the institutions in conducting the trainings.

The following participants were in delegation of the Faculty of Agriculture:

  1. Prof. Predrag Pudja, vice dean and leader of the Food technology research group (FOODTECH)
  2. Prof. Viktor Nedovic, leader of the Immobilization (encapsulation) biotechnology research group (IMMOBIOG)
  3. Prof. Miomir Niksic, leader of the Food biotechnology research group (FOODBIOTECH)
  4. Prof. Zora Dajic Stevanovic, leader of the Biodiversity research group (BIODIV)
  5. Assistant Prof. Dragana Rancic, member of the Functional crop anatomy research group (FUNCROPS)
  6. Assistant Prof. Bozidar Raskovic, member of the Carp aquaculture research group (AQUACARP)
  7. Mr Dejan Lazic, recruitment in AREA project, expert in Raman spectroscopy

The host of the visit was Dr. Petra Rösch from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena. Significant assistance during the visit was provided by DraganaKušić PhD student of DrRösch, originated from Serbia.


Group visit of senior researchers of the Faculty of Agriculture was very successful in term of highlighting of some general aspects of cooperation between Faculty of Agriculture and Institute of Physical Chemistry. Each of the AREA group representatives had discussion in details with Petra Rösch concerning subject and methods regarding Raman technology and related scientific and practical application. Schedule of proposed trainings was précised according AREA groups. Guided tour through laboratories at Institute of Physical Chemistrywas performed, enabling delegation participants to gather knowledge and better understanding of potentials in Raman application. Discussion about different Raman methods in addition to practical aspects of Raman microspectroscopy,was conducted. Collaboration with Prof. ChristophKrafft’s research group for application of FTIR microscope system was agreed. Visit to the Institute of Photonic Technology was realized, as well as discussion with scientists from different research areas.


The following schedule for further trainings of young AREA researchers was set up:


March - May 2014 AQUACARP and FOODTECH, June - August 2014 BIODIV and FUNCROPS, Semptember - November 2014 FOODBIOTECH and MICROBECOL, January - March 2015 IMMOBIOG, April - June 2015 FUNCROPS



Long-term benefits might be projected as medium and long-term collaboration with Prof. Rosch’s group, as well as development of novel scientific approaches in use of Raman on biological systems. This could be of high practical importance especially in regard of collaboration with industry and SMEs. It is expected that new methodological approaches could be acquired since so far most of material proposed form Faculty of Agriculture, University of  Belgrade, hasn’t been studied before neither by researchers form Jena University, nor in the world. Thus, it could be expected that high-level scientific papers will be structured after realization of the trainings and after acquiring of Raman spectroscopy.

The benefits of the visit were clarification of specific training aims stated in the AREA project. Discussions about feasibilities of the aims and introduction to practical aspects of Raman technology were very efficient and fruitful.


Finally, very good collegial and friendly relations between researchers of two institutions were established. Social life and free time delegation participants dedicated to better comprehension of the culture, history and life in east Germany due to short sightseeing in Leipzig, Weimar and Jena.  


Schedule and main activities during the visit of senior researchers to University of Jena

01.12.2013. -Arrival in Jena

02.12.2103.-Meeting with Dr. Petra Rösch at the Institute of Physical Chemistry in Jena. Discussing about contract and aim of trainings, contract, accommodation of students

03.12.2103. Meeting with Dr. Petra Rösch at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, discussing about schedule of proposed trainings.Guided tour through laboratories at IPC.

04.12.2103. Visit to the Institute of Photonic Technology (IPHT) with brief lectures about Photonic detection, Fiber optics, Photovoltaic, Nonlinear microscopy, Nanobiophotonics and Optical cell diagnostics of research given by experts from IPHT (T. May, K. Schuster, F. Falk, D. Akimov, O. Stranik, C. Kraft). Also, FA team attended lecture given by guest lecturer, Prof. Dr. Norbert Esser, Head of the Material and Interface Analytics department from Leibniz-InstitutefürAnalytischeWissenschaften, Berlin.

05.12.2013. Meeting with Petra Rösch at the Institute of Physical Chemistry  in Jena. Summary of the visit, concluding remarks.

06.12.2013.- Day off

07.12.2013. - Traveling to Belgrade