Trainining in RAMAN microscopy

Wednesday, 18. May 2016 to Saturday, 28. May 2016

Dr Ilinka Pećinar and Dragana Rančić, Assistant Professors (FUNCROPS) visited Raman Imaging Group at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, from 18th to 28th May  2016. The host of this visit was prof. dr Malgorzata Baranska, and the aim of the visit was training focuses on research of in situ analysis of bioactive plant compounds by means of spectroscopic methods, particularly FT Raman technique. During this training Dragana and Ilinka learned to use MultiRAM FT-Raman spectrometer, which is very useful for plant sample analysis, and learned to work in software OPUS. During this visit they had measured a lot of various plant samples (stem of wheat and Miscanthus species, leaves of Chenopodium and Hypericum species, seeds of Salvia hispanica) and get a lot of advices from prof. Baranska about spectra asnalysis.

During stay in Krakow, Ilinka and Dragana also had an opportunity to visit the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture University of Agriculture in Krakow, where they had a short presentation about our AREA project and research activities performed at Faculty of Agriculture University of Belgrade, especially at the Department of Agrobotany.  They used this opportunity to meet a lot of scientist working in the similar scientific field, what could be a good base for further collaborations within international projects.