Fact finding visits to other EU institutions to increase networking

Thursday, 28. April 2016 to Tuesday, 3. May 2016

Professor Viktor Nedović (IMMOBIOG) visited The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), and CERIC-ERIC Trieste, University of Siena, Trieste, Italy, from 28 April-3 May, 2016. The host of visit was Dr.Giorgio Rosso Cicogna. Visit was focused on establishing of new cooperation initiating new activities and projects (in Horizon 2020), better use of capital research infrastructure, cooperation in technology transfer, creation of the environment for innovation creation and realization, open innovation, particularly in the field of biotechnology (ICGEB, University of Siena), transfer of the technology (Science Park in Trieste) and better and more open use of the capital research infrastructure installations (CERIC-ERIC). Serbia, as a country, is one of the founders and members of the CERIC-ERIC (distributed research infrastructure for the characterization of (bio)materials), and this opportunity should be better used in the future. During the meetings the further steps related to those ways of cooperation are foreseen and planned.